Why Attend?

How can you make your world different for tomorrow?

Have you figured out yet the pace your business can move uncomfortably at, in order to transform?

What will your technical organisation look like in the new operating model you are migrating towards?

How can you thrive as you get caught in that pull / push tension between transforming the business, as driven by the CEO agenda, cost control, as driven by the CFO agenda, and every other internal stakeholder management challenge in between?

If these are some of the questions you face as a progressive, senior IT professional / digital leader, then you should join us and 350+ of your peers at OIC, Ovum’s Digital Leaders Summit for two days of dynamic, fresh content, inspiration and networking.

Being busy managing your IT estate is nowhere near good enough to be relevant to the business…developing and executing the right strategy for your business as it undergoes the challenging process of digital transformation is.

These brands joined us in 2015 and benefited from strategy, analysis and networking:

 oic companies

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